New Week’s Resolution

Around New Year’s Day of last year, I wrote a post about how most people make new years resolutions related to fitness and losing weight. I said that many make the decision to join a gym, and for the first week of the new year, they are gung ho about fitness. They are one with the treadmill and eliptical, and they have predicted how many pounds they will be able to bench press by “this time next year.” That lasts for about a week and then they go back to the exercise routine that they were on a week before Christmas: namely none. I said all of this last year and poked fun at those flaky fitness folks only to find that this year my resolution was exercize related. Yes, yes, I am a hypocrite.

Anyway, I made the decision that, to avoid the work out excuses that tend to form in the evening hours, I would start working out in the morning. It was foolproof: not only would I get my workout over with before the workday began, but I would be able to make plans with friends in the evenings without feeling any guilt whatsoever.

I went through with it for a week, and it was great: I got to see the sun rise, something I have not seen since I was in high school, I got to watch the morning news. I knew the weather, traffic report, and the scoop about who murdered who before most people hit the snooze button on their alarm clocks. The most interesting thing I learned was that whoever manages the closed captioning for the morning news types at the same time as the news personalities talk. And let me tell you, that person would have flunked Mario teaches typing.

I felt energized, I felt accomplished, I felt like I had discovered an hour of the day that I could call my own. So why did it only last a week? And how can I revisit this crazy yet logical routine change? It only lasted a week because one, I did not want to deal with untreated ice on the roads, especially since the breaks on my tiny Honda do not get along well with frozen liquids, and two, because the second I looked at my bed every evening last week, without warning or explanation, I found myself in my pajamas and under the covers with my alarm clock programmed to my normal wake up time. Just like magic.

This week is a new week though, and by that I mean, I will make my second entrance to the morning workout world. Weather permitting of course. And there you have it: my New Week’s resolution. Stay tuned for the full report.


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